Dietetic Internship Experiences

Allentown Sodexo Dietetic Internship with a concentration in Leadership and Sports Nutrition
(Graduation September 2017)
Completing a Graduate Degree through the University of Rhode Island’s Online Masters Program
(Graduation November 2017)





GlaxoSmithKline, Philadelphia, PA                                                                                                    January 2017-present
Rotations completed at this site: Food Service Management, Concentration, and Community.
·Created a four week nutritional webinar for the company that was sent to all US sites and is archived on their site for ongoing wellness information
·Successfully executed all aspects involved in a retail marketing and wellness healthy meal: planning, marketing, costing, ordering, prepping, preparing, serving, and following up.
·Helped with all wellness, fitness, and nutritional related events involved in the building.
·Presently teaches yoga weekly at this site.

Cuisine365, Philadelphia, PA                                                                                                               November 2016-present
Rotations completed at this site: Concentration, and Community.
·Gave nutrition related presentations to collegiate sports teams
·Assisted in writing blog posts.
·Developed and implemented marketing strategies for company growth.

Manor Care, Wallingford, PA                                                                                                             September 2016-December 2016
Rotations completed at this site: Patient Services, Basic & Intermediate Clinical Nutrition, Long Term Care and Community.
Disease states seen: Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes Mellitus 1 & 2, Gastrointestinal Diseases, Enteral Nutrition Support, Liver & Pancreas Diseases, Dysphagia and related diets, Renal Failure and Support, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease





Advanced Clinical
Clinical Nutrition Management