Work Experience

Food Sciences CorporationRobard Corporation, Mount Laurel, NJ
Research & Development Food Scientist, October 2012-Present
Developed nutritional products & continually researched concepts, feasibility, cost reductions to new & existing products · Researched and collaborate with customers and vendors to create new nutraceutical meal replacement products.
· Sensory: tasted daily samples for quality checks; organized and analyzed sensory panels for new and existing products.
· Helped implement a SQF level 2 certification.
· Updated the company’s product recipe book nutritional exchange information and developed new recipes.

Vinyasa Yoga Instructor May 2013-Present
·Currently teaching 3 yoga classes per week that range from 45 minutes to 75 minutes long.
·Class sizes range from 1-25 people.
·Mindful breathing and a brief guided meditation incorporated into every class.

Lions Gate Senior Living Center, Voorhees, NJ
Dietary Aide, June-September 2015
Prepared and served diets to residents and patients while abiding by all dietary guidelines in place.
· Serve food to residents/patients.
· Ensure that the overall presentation of the food is appealing.
· Set-up and delivery of food trays to residents/patients.
· Plate meals including beverages snacks, desserts and salads.
· Re-stock service areas

Barry Callebaut, Pennsauken, NJ
QA/QC Food Microbiologist, November 2010-October 2012
Tested chocolate products in microbiological, analytical & sensory panel tests.
· Microbiology: Tested for Salmonella, coliform/e. coli, fecal strep, & performed environmental swab testing
· Sensory: created panels for specialty Hershey products and daily tasting for raw and finished goods.
· Analytical: Fat percentage, viscosity, moisture, particle sizing
· Helped acquiring the British Retail Consortium Global Standard & the continual Global Food Safety Initiative audits.

USDA, Agriculture Research Service, Eastern Regional Research Center, Wyndmoore, PA
Food Safety Intervention Technologist, May 2009-2010
·Investigated effects of chlorine dioxide gas treatments on Escherichia coli 0157:H7 inoculated raw tomatoes.
·Researched a fluorescent staining process on the organisms Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella Montevideo to replace existing tedious staining techniques that is used for detection.

Programs used:
·The Food Processor (Product Development & Nutritional software)
·Made2Manage Systems (Production/Sales/Inventory software)
·SAP data input (Enterprise software)